What Participants Are Saying

This is the most impactful instruction that I can recall

Louis Goldner, VP, Ohio, USA

Thank you for this wonderful training. I have attended many types of training in the workplace over the years and this is the most impactful instruction that I can recall. It feels in many ways like receiving a gift. Luc is a very effective presenter and coach. What we learned will take practice and I am already enjoying the benefits of being “present” and maintaining “neutral”. Along the way I’ll just “let go” and enjoy the ride.”

Straight to the point, hands-on journey with great added value!

Philippe Vignon, Former CEO , Geneva Tourism and Conventions

Soft skills play an increasingly important role in our capacity to manage our lives, both personally and professionally. Luc provides the necessary insights from the latest research in neurosciences to support us understanding how human beings function. He also gives concrete tools that help dive into the experience and start improving our self leadership. I come out of this course equipped with new tools and the positive perception that I can "surf" on the wave of life, remaining centered, with more energy to manage my life and my interactions with others.


Francine Dubuc, T.S., PCC, president, Dubuc & Associées

Luc doesn't just teach about stress and its negative impact on our abilities to access our full potential, he also brings a new light on leadership. He doesn't only share his knowledge but he embodies this knowledge. From his tone of voice, I hear the intelligence of the heart.

Don Sanders, Director, Ohio, USA

“Following your training and coaching, I find myself to be more focused and to be calmer. I am more creative, I listen better and I have a better handle on my emotions. I enjoy lot more energy. I use to try to make many things at the same time. Now I’m more in tune with the person. My people, as a result, are more engaged.”

Great Program!

Luc Cardinal

This is by far the best online leadership training out there! Simple yet insightful, it gives you fundamental knowledge and tools to connect to your natural leadership! OK, it is my program, but I like to blow my own horn!

I got more out of this training then any other training I have ever taken!

Billy Henderson Production Supervisor, Tennessee, USA

"It showed me ways to feel good and remain calm in all situation, being more open and willing to listen. I got more out of this training then any other training I have ever taken. At home, I stopped old behavior and started listening. I catch myself when I don’t. I can now listen without having to fix anything".


Sarah Biggs, musician

This course is an excellent path through self examination towards personal authenticity. This, I discovered is where my real personal power lies. Thank you Luc Cardinal for your wonderful guidance on this great journey!

So much wisdom, but the best part is there is a clear path to integrating that wisdom.

Jennifer Flynn, CTACC, Business and Lifestyle Strategist, Montrose, CO, USA

This program was so powerful for me! So much wisdom, but the best part is there is a clear path to integrating that wisdom. To hear things is not to know them. We must USE them, and this program brought not only new insights, but also things I had heard in the past but were not being used back to ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’. This will have a tremendous impact on both my personal life and business and will help me connect with my clients on a whole new level of mentorship and support. Thank you Luc and Nuco International for an amazing experience.

My mind is not racing anymore. I am a much better listener!

Richard Henson, Plant Manager, Georgia, USA

« I can now see my Ego building defenses; I can see myself repressing my emotions. It allowed me to open-up. My mind is not racing anymore. I am a much better listener, hearing details I could not hear before. I always needed to be elsewhere, so I developed tools to listen and speak faster, so I could get to that elsewhere that is nowhere… I can now be here ! »


Here are our senior no nonsense trainers and coaches.

International speaker & neuro-coach

Luc Cardinal n.c.

Luc helps successful multi-talented yet unfulfilled leaders live the highest truth in their personal and professional lives, fully experiencing clarity of mind, heart and body! Luc listens and speaks for the truth be spoken, freeing the joy of living and working in alignment with your true purpose. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and experience why thousands of people rave about Luc’s approach. Evolved men will rise to the challenge of our times, given they are connected to a deep level of personal and organizational purpose and coherence!

Coach et formateur, Culture du Leadership naturel.

Yves Plourde

Mon parcours des 40 dernières années en tant qu’entrepreneur, actionnaire, coach et gestionnaire d’entreprise privée m’a permis d’élaborer des méthodes simples et efficientes afin de développer la culture de leadership naturel en entreprise. J’utilise des outils basés sur la psychométrie, l’intelligence émotionnelle, la programmation neurolinguistique ainsi que les dernières découvertes de la physique quantique adaptées au développement du potentiel des chefs d’entreprises et gestionnaires . Je soutiens et accompagne les leaders pour accéder à leur « Zone de Haute Performance ». Il en résulte un plus grande cohérence, l’alignement et la focalisation des talents et forces vers des intentions claires, les buts et objectifs de l’entreprise. Les groupes de travail sont ainsi transformés en équipes efficaces et efficientes.